Yermahm the Seducer

A rogue with maces, what a knockout combination!


Yermahm is generally reserved, but can be charming or witty when the situation calls for it. Yermahm is self confident, but aware of the grim realities around him. It can seem like fatalism to others, especially those who haven’t seen the nasty things he has. He may not show it, but he is skeptical of most people. He has seen too many nasty things happen to naive and trusting individuals. You have to earn his trust, but even then he’ll keep an eye on you.

Yermahm is adaptable. If things are going in the right direction, he’ll let things take their course. If he feels strongly enough about something, he may speak up. Yermahm follows the rules most of the time. He observes rules about ownership a little more loosely than others. Yermahm seems more or less empathic depending on the situation. He is generally good and will do what he feels must be done for those in need. He is most responsive to people of similar backgrounds, those who have been through tough times as he has.

In dire straits, Yermah is steady. When faced with setbacks, he is driven. His nerves are unshakeable.

For most of his life, Yermahm has had to deal with “your mom” jokes inspired by the incorrect pronunciation of his name. He gets over his annoyance at those jokes by frequently speaking in the third person, saying situationally accurate things that have secondary meaning as “your mom” jokes. During combat, he taunts his opponents by describing his attacks the same way, adding insult to very real injury.

Yermahm is short & lean, belying his deadly physicality. He is both strong and nimble and often underestimated due to his appearance. He’s satisfied with this, as it gives him an advantage over unwary opponents.

Yermahm wears dark leather armor bound using complicated low-profile knotwork. The absence of metal means he’s quieter and more stealthy, perfect for sneaking up on unwary opponents. His gloves are enchanted with the ability to grab things from afar, an ability he uses to his advantage in and out of combat. Everything about Yermahm looks a little dark. He’s not dirty or unkempt, but his natural olive complexion and dark hair helps him when stealth matters.

Yermahm appropriates useful things. He’s not stealing out of compulsion and he doesn’t see it as evil. Some things he’d find useful just wouldn’t be as useful to whomever owned it before him. He liberates these things to aid him or his companions in their journeys. He’s discreet, however, and his companions never realize the lengths he’s undergone to outfit them with better gear.

Yermahm travels with Hrothgar. They served together as soldiers in a distant military. Yermahm is indebted to Hrothgar. It’s not a life debt. Yermahm lost a bet, and he’s honoring their wager. That bet also won him the nickname ‘ladykiller’, but that’s another story…


Yermahm’s teeth are so dark he gets +2 to sneak when he smiles.

Yermahm’s arms are so short he has to lie down on mobs to hit them.

Yermahm’s mouth is so big he doesn’t need a bag of holding.

Yermahm is so short he gets +2 to stealth when he hides among halflings.

Yermahm is so poor he has to rob everyone or he can’t eat.

Yermahm the Seducer

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