Virtuous Paladin built to make saves and help others do the same!


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ====== Peran, level 11 Human, Paladin, Justiciar Build: Virtuous Paladin Background: Occupation – Farmer (+2 to Endurance)

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 11, Con 15, Dex 11, Int 9, Wis 17, Cha 22.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 13, Dex 10, Int 8, Wis 15, Cha 17.

AC: 28 Fort: 23 Reflex: 21 Will: 25 HP: 100 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 25

TRAINED SKILLS Heal +13, Religion +9, Endurance +10, Diplomacy +16, Insight +13

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +1, Arcana +4, Bluff +11, Dungeoneering +8, History +4, Intimidate +11, Nature +8, Perception +8, Stealth +1, Streetwise +11, Thievery +1, Athletics +1

FEATS Human: Toughness Level 1: Focused Expertise (Warhammer) Level 2: Human Perseverance Level 4: Timely Respite Level 6: Courageous Example Level 8: Virtuous Recovery Feat User Choice: Pelor’s Radiance Feat User Choice: Suntouched Level 10: Don’t Count Me Out (retrained to Fated Survival at Level 11) Level 11: Saving Grace

POWERS Bonus At-Will Power: Enfeebling Strike Lay on Hands: Virtue’s Touch Paladin at-will 1: Virtuous Strike Paladin at-will 1: Ardent Strike (retrained to Bolstering Strike at Level 9) Paladin encounter 1: Valorous Smite Paladin daily 1: Majestic Halo Paladin utility 2: Call of Challenge Paladin encounter 3: Avenging Smite (retrained to Call to Arms at Level 10) Paladin daily 5: Name of Might Paladin utility 6: Wrath of the Gods Paladin encounter 7: Price of Cowardice Paladin daily 9: Crown of Glory Paladin utility 10: Turn the Tide

ITEMS Heavy Shield, Sunrod (4), Meliorating Layered Plate Armor +2, Crusader’s Warhammer +2, Instant Campsite (heroic tier), Belt Pouch (empty) (2), Journeybread (5), Holy Symbol, Silk Rope (50 ft.), Waterskin (2), Backpack (empty), Flint and Steel, Bottle of Wine (2), Brooch of No Regrets +2 ====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======


Peran grew up as a single child of his father; His mother died giving birth to him and his father never remarried. His father worked and lived at the Van Buren farm as field hand. As such Peran worked and lived there as well.

Peran lived in the town of Arnhem, which lies to the south of the main continent. As small secure town of about 100 families, Arnhem was more concerned with family feuds and petty social battles than the wars that are normal to the south.

Perans childhood was a good one, he got on really well with Mr. Van Burens daughter Amy who was a year older than him. Whenever they could they’d skip their chores at the farm and just have fun. During his pre-teens his father was always talking to him in the field about the responsibility of a servant to his master and all things practical. Amy taught him everything else, how to read, write, and rights all people have.

As Peran and Amy entered their teens, their relationship matured romantically. Peran never understood what Amy liked in him and whenever she asked she smiled and said “You’re honest.” He talked to his father about this and was beaten six ways from Sunday. His father warned him to stay from Amy. As the Van Burens grew the largest portion of the food for the town of Arnhem, Amys life and future husband would be integral to the towns politics. Perans father knew that as a servant to the family, Peran could never marry Amy.

Amy and Peran secreted their love away and it grew for years…as did the suitors for Amy. Most notably was the son of the mayor Richard. Peran detested everything about Richard, he was a fat, toady, bully who had never worked a day in his life. His black greasy hair was always slicked back and his nose in the air like he was smelling something foul. He was always telling Amy “we’re going to be married” in a snide way that made her grimace. Once, Richard grabbed Amys arm as she turned away in eye shot of Peran and two other farm hands had to pry Peran of the entitled snot. Peran was punished, but not severely, as the other farm hands vouched that Richard was attacking her and Mr. Van Buren was furious at Richard.

Things got harder for Amy and Peran as they were always being watched, either by the adults or by Richard. Amy became more and more introverted as she saw the eventual outcome and was powerless to do anything about it. Peran, clueless, would constantly try to cheer her up which worked for a while and then only made her more sad. Unknown to Peran, the yearly draft for Arnhem was coming up. Due to frequent wars every town was required to give a certain number of men to the Duke. Amy suspected that Peran was going to be chosen by the mayor to clear any inconvenience to his sons marriage to Amy. So the night before the draft Amy took him to the woods and they made love.

Peran woke up the next morning thinking he had won, and that everything would be fine from now on. He was promptly gathered by his father and told of his new future of 15 years in the Dukes army. His father also told him to forget about Amy, the announcement had been made of her betrothal to Richard. His father helped him back, presented him to the army representative, told him he was proud of him but to serve well and find a new home.

Marching out of town he could see a dejected Amy standing next to Richard and Peran knew that it was over.

The next three years were spent at basic training where Peran learned to fight in formation. Peran learned how to protect his brothers in the shield wall. Peran took on to the battle clerics the company was assigned and began to become vested in learning their ways. Peran did not have the patience nor aptitude for the science of healing; however, what he lacked in smarts he made up in intuition. His dedication to serve his brothers and protect them from harm came to the attention of a paladin of Pelor, Sir Davion, who fought in the shield wall. Davion transferred himself to Perans company and began mentoring the initiate paladin.

Peran never understood much of what Davion talked about the incantations and the ritual prayers; but Peran felt Pelor in his soul. That feeling in his heart is what Davion instructed him to focus on, and his desire to protect life. Davion always poked at Perans intelligence saying he was “the only Paladin I know who could say all the wrong words to the daily prayers.”

After his 15 years was up Peran was inducted as a paladin of Pelor. He was placed under the care of Sir Davion and lives with the rest of the paladins at Mimir. Perans advancement through the ranks of paladins was incredibly slow. Peran was constantly reprimanded for forgetting the steps to rituals, words to prayers, and the letter of the law. While well liked, he struggled with the basic aptitude requirements for higher ranks. As such, many paladins who were inducted after him are now a rank or two above him. Seeing how disheartened Peran was by this, Davion sent Peran to the place where his strengths could shine; the battlefield.

Peran received amazing reviews from his commanders and his superiors as Paladins recognized what they were going to do with him. As such he became a bodyguard for people important to the church during travel or innocent towns being attacked.

During a time when Pelor had seem to gone missing, Peran was assigned to protect a young cleric of Pelor by the name of Lady Kielara. She had be tasked with investigating the disappearance of Pelor. Peran realized that if, out of all his servants, Pelor had called this lady to find him she must be important to the god. Upon meeting her and her party he knew he was right. She was incredibly smart, beautiful and accomplished cleric. Upon the release of Pelor from the god Tiamat, Peran decided to follow and protect her as long as she would tolerate his presence.

See journal entries for recounts of adventures :D


  • To find a peaceful place to live, after close to 20 years of war and fighting Peran wants “his place in the sun”.
  • Respect – Peran donates all his money, lives in a one room residence provided by the church, and (in his mind) no great deeds to his name. To him the 20 years of servitude have been worth it as great people he’s protected have been able to do great things, but sometimes he thinks he’d like recognition for himself.

note this is a vice/weakness that can be used against Peran if the DM is looking for such a hook.

Hated Enemies

  • Richard Peran will most likely attack Richard, despite his role as a paladin, if they meet again.


Social Interaction

Peran is Quite and Reserved for most formal social interactions. Letting those with either more etiquette, rank or verbose vocabulary speak for the party.

With friends he’s Amiable. Liking to tell simple jokes (“that’s what she said eh?!”) and listen to the others.

  • How do other perceive you in social interactions? Resereved
  • How optimistic are you? Hopeful
  • How trusting are you? Gullible

Decision Points

  • How assertive are you at a decision point? Adaptable
  • How conscientious are you about following rules? Honest
  • How empathetic are you? Protective

Dire Straits

Peran becomes Focused when things get tough. With no nonsense he becomes determined to get everyone out alive.

  • How courageous are you in dire straits? Brave
  • How do you feel when face by setbacks? Resigned
  • How are your nerves? Unshakable.


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